Bube and Lowther Advance to Central Regional Orchestra


From left to right: Nora Lowther, Ali Bube

Katherine Riley, Staff writer

This weekend, senior Ali Bube and junior Nora Lowther will represent Manheim Township in the Central Region Orchestra, a three-day orchestra festival with musicians from 17 different counties. Their participation marks MT’s return to regionals after a two-year hiatus.

To reach the prestigious level of regional orchestra, Bube and Lowther passed through two levels of auditions. First, in early December, they auditioned for district orchestra. Lowther auditioned as one of 40 violists, placing fifth, while Bube competed as one of nearly 100 violins and placed 21st in the second violin section. Both placed high enough to attend district orchestra. 

Then, they competed in another round of auditions while at district orchestra. Lowther placed eighth, and Bube placed fifth in the second violin section. These high ranks allow them to attend regional orchestra. 

Both musicians entered the auditions with the goal to make regionals. Bube, who attended district orchestra last year, hoped to improve on her previous audition. 

“Regional orchestra has been a goal of mine since last year. Last year in districts…I moved backwards to chair 20 because I got nervous during the auditions and messed up,” she said. “After that, I told myself I would work on my nerves so that the next year I would be able to go into the re-audition confidently and play my best to try to get into regionals.”

Lowther hoped to make regionals because of her successful district orchestra audition. When she learned she had re-auditioned successfully and made regionals, she felt both “happy” and “relieved.” 

Orchestra director Frank Caravella considers participation in regional orchestra a testament to the musicians’ skill. 

“Attending regional orchestra is an accomplishment because only a small number of students can get to this level. It just demonstrates a level of proficiency on the instrument that is rarely achieved by high schoolers,” he said. 

When Bube and Lowther attend regional orchestra, they will represent MT in a testament to their skill and dedication as musicians. Above all, Bube and Lowther are excited to grow as musicians. 

Lowther said that regional orchestra is “a group of musicians that are all young and talented…It’s an opportunity to expand your musical knowledge by interacting with other musicians.”