We Have a New Name!


Maddie Balestier, Editor-in-Chief

As of Sunday, January 29th, BSN Online has a new name…The Township Times! When referring to MT’s student-run publication, this is now the name that will be used. After much deliberation, our staff here at The Township Times is proud to announce this new change. 

One of the driving causes of this shift was the need for differentiation between the Blue Streak Video Production Club and the online news site, which are frequently confused with one another. The Blue Streak Video Production Club focuses on distributing broadcasts to the school, while The Township Times writes articles to share with students and staff. Because of these differences, we wanted to take on a new name that was unique to what we are doing.

Additionally, with a new set of editors this school year and some changes to the publication itself, a new name signals a fresh start for The Township Times. Some of these changes include updates to the website and a new logo, as well as increased use of our Instagram account. Keep an eye on our social media and website to see these new changes for yourself!