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Opinion: Was Biden’s Impeachment Inquiry A Waste Of Time?
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This do-nothing Congress led by the House Republicans is a disappointment and a disgrace. Their impeachment inquiry into President Biden and his family for so-called nefarious business dealings is nothing but a joke. The inquiry is a stain on the ethics and credibility of our government, and a distraction from the very real crimes that President Trump and his family have been charged with and involved in. This impeachment inquiry will go down in history as a sham, plain and simple. Their investigation has been entrenched in scandal and ethical problems. The American people must see this investigation for what it is: a way to discredit the Biden family and bring them to the same level as the Trump family, prior to their closely watched rematch in November of 2024.

But luckily for us, the GOP’s own incompetence has shown us what this inquiry truly is. The Republicans have shown themselves to be incapable of governing and doing anything of substance at all. This activity is a way for them to fill their time. And hey, while they’re at it, why not score political points with the man they call “Orange Jesus.” 

The investigation hinges on allegations by Alexander Smirnov, an FBI informant whose initial claims of bribery that involved President Biden, his son Hunter, and Ukrainian oligarchs, had spurred the investigation. In fact, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) described him as a “highly credible confidential human source. However, to the surprise of no one who has paid attention to the House Republicans, this so-called credible witness is facing two felony counts for lying to the FBI.

So, now we have an impeachment inquiry based on a witness that is facing felony charges for lying. How could this get worse for the GOP? Well, their other witnesses are declaring the exact opposite of what Biden and his son are being accused of. 

I am not aware of any financial transactions or compensation that Vice President Biden received related to business conducted by any of his family members or their associates nor any involvement by him in their businesses. None,” said Eric Schwerin, a former business person with ties to Hunter Biden.

Then we have the leader of this investigation, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer (R-Ky.), who is ethically compromised himself

According to the Congressional Integrity Project, “James Comer has repeatedly engaged in questionable dealings with shady characters and lawbreakers. From shadowy shell companies to business deals with a donor, the new revelations build on earlier reporting that Comer paid his brother hundreds of thousands in land swaps involving special tax breaks.”

All this Congress has to show is a politically motivated investigation that is based on a witness now being indicted by the FBI, weakened by credible witnesses contradicting the accusations levied against the President and his family, and led by a man who is ethically challenged himself. President Biden has been proven innocent and this Congress should do something with its time other than attack the President for political points and nothing more.

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Ethan Zimmerman
Ethan Zimmerman, Staff writer
Ethan is a staff writer for The Township Times and is a sophomore at MT.

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    Abdullah TanisApr 16, 2024 at 12:34 pm

    I should be the supreme leader of the United States since all the presidents are so mid

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      HaydenApr 18, 2024 at 9:45 am

      That’s crazy