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Opinion: Lancaster, You Can Do Better

Anna Gail Mattson

On March 23, a Drag Queen Story Hour was scheduled to occur at the Lancaster Public Library. While a seemingly harmless event, bomb threats were sent to the location and the event had to be shut down. It is unclear whether or not another event will be held, but what is clear is this: Lancaster, you can do better. 

While a mainly progressive area, Lancaster has its fair share of Christian Nationalists, who ended up being the most direct opposers of the Drag Queen Story Hour. I can’t stress enough that it is a good thing to have different ideas in urban areas. But when those ideas turn into a nearly life-threatening situation, that’s when things quickly fall into disarray, as shown by this recent local event. What was meant to be a fun event for children quickly turned into a potentially life-threatening situation. And for what? 

A group of protestors held a “Jericho Walk” to pray for divine intervention to stop the event from happening a day before it was scheduled. Shortly after, bomb threats were sent to the Lancaster Public Library’s location and the Story Hour was canceled. While some parties may believe that drag queens are not appropriate for younger audiences, the drag queen planned for the event was not meant to be provocative in any manner; rather, it was geared towards younger audiences. 

Ultimately, no bombs were found on the premises, but this incident shouldn’t have happened. Lancaster, you can do better. You can spread a culture of love and peace, instead of inhibiting children’s creativity by threatening to bomb a library. Frankly, this is not true Christianity. To get Biblical, Jesus taught us to love. And this is anything but.

The president of Lancaster Pride’s home address was also released, causing her location (and life) to be in jeopardy. Isn’t it inherently fascist to respond to anything we don’t like with bombs? Instead of voicing our opinions and non-violently debating other groups of people, were bomb threats truly the solution to the “problem”?

While it’s okay to disagree with other people’s opinions, using a bomb threat to share one’s discontent is simply not okay. I mean, are bomb threats the best way to get people “safe” from the queer community? No. It would be much better if the dissention was handled with eloquence and respect, if there was going to be dissension at all. Lancaster can be a place of political diversity while still maintaining respect.

What’s at stake here is the potential for more children’s lives to be lost instead of politely addressing a complaint. Children’s lives should not be in jeopardy because of an opposing viewpoint. Children should instead be allowed to be exposed to varying cultures per parental guidance. The opposing side could’ve simply respected the event and moved on, as it wasn’t provocative in any manner and posed no threat to anyone’s well-being.

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About the Contributor
Anna Gail Mattson
Anna Gail Mattson, Staff writer
Anna Gail is a staff writer for The Township Times and is a sophomore at MT.

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  • A

    Abdullah TanisApr 16, 2024 at 12:40 pm

    The overuse of the word fascism to refer to something you disagree with demeans the word. While sending threats to something you disagree with is violent and short sighted, it’s not fascistic