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Opinion: Biden Lays Out A Strong Case In The State Of The Union Address

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Many Americans are familiar with the State of the Union Address, an annual presentation where the current President addresses the country about its status. While every State of the Union speech is important, this year’s speech was especially crucial. With the presidential election looking like there’s going to be a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, it was imperative that Biden did a good job and laid out a strong case for his second term in office. This he did. 

Before the speech, popular news outlets were anticipating what Biden was going to discuss in the House of Representatives. Speculation surrounded topics such as high inflation rates, overseas wars such as ongoing wars, immigration, the economy, and reproductive rights. Biden touched on all of these topics throughout his speech with great zeal and guests to back up his claims.

Pre-podium, Biden went throughout the crowd, talking to Republicans and Democrats alike. He took his time and interacted with many different people. This struck as touching, as there was a certain personability that was shown; a down-to-earth atmosphere pervading him. He seemed genuinely to be happy to be there, despite the stressful circumstances. 

Overall, Biden did a great job, considering the circumstances he faced: a divided country and an even more divided House of Representatives. There was clear animosity between the Democrats and Republicans in the room, but Biden did a tactful job addressing both sides while still staying true to his own democratic beliefs.

Biden arrived at the podium and opened with a quick quip. Then, he jumped headfirst into the murky waters of partisan politics, with an enthusiasm and, -dare I say- youthful demeanor that only a President could muster. 

When delivering his speech, he wasted no time in discussing the various issues pressing upon his country’s conscience. His first topic of the evening was the war raging between Putin and Ukraine, and he promised that the US would be sending military aid to help Ukrainian soldiers. Moreover, Biden explicitly stated he would not bring over American soldiers. 

Early in the speech, Biden painted a bleak picture of his predecessor’s term. “History is watching an assault on freedom,” he said. Throughout his address, he repeatedly mentioned former president Trump as his “predecessor,” painting a clear difference between his presidency and Trump’s. I found it a useful strategy to employ, as in this dire time, he had no other option than to mention things exactly to the point. 

The overall atmosphere in the room was surprising. There was frequent chanting from the Democrats: “four more years” persistently rang out across the room, something that was seemingly done to counter the Republican’s heckling. Some Republicans were yelling at Biden during his speech, and, to be honest, it felt more like an assembly at a high school rather than a presidential address.

While these various verbal interruptions were constant throughout the speech, Biden did a great job countering it. He simply ignored it and carried on with his speech. He mentioned bodily autonomy and acknowledged the ongoing IVF issue in Alabama, urging that the IVF service should be “guaranteed” nationwide. 

He praised Roe V. Wade, painting a bleak larger picture: “They won’t stop there after banning reproductive rights,” he said. “Those bragging about the overturning of Roe V. Wade have no clue about the power of women.” He promises that Roe V. Wade will be restored if he is re-elected.

Addressing the issue of economics, he reassured the country that the economy is in a good position, pushing statistics about the continued decrease in unemployment. There were 15 million new jobs in the past year, and unemployment is at a 15-year low. Inflation has dropped from 9% to 3%, the lowest in the world. He promised that infrastructure will be built with American products and built by Americans. Biden brings hope that the economy is in a great position due to his presidency. 

One of the main topics he focused on during the last half of his address was the middle class. He recognized repeatedly that the middle class is the backbone of the country, and promised to strive for raising the minimum wage for workers.

What does the future of his presidency entail? If Biden were to serve a second term, he wants the middle class to thrive. He strives to lower the price of prescription drugs, a monumental statement for those suffering from various degrees of medical debt. He would work to protect the Affordable Care Act. He has begun funding the first-ever White House women’s health research program, led by First Lady Jill Biden. For the cost of housing, he wants to give Americans money to help ease mortgage and watch mortgage rates lower. He also mentioned relieving student college debt, something that can appeal to both older and younger generations. Additionally, he discussed lowering federal taxes, and not taxing middle/poor classes as much.

“When America gets knocked down, we get back up. We keep going. That’s America,” President Biden said. One of the most powerful quotes of the evening, it is a reminder of America’s continued perseverance, despite unforeseen circumstances and adversity.

Altogether, Biden brought unity to a divided country with his speech. This election is imperative in ensuring democracy remains in place, and despite the pressure he was under, Biden laid out a strong case for his second term in office. A term that would ensure the framework of democracy itself would remain strongly in place.

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