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Opinion: The Midterm Schedule Is Beneficial To Many Students
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There have been many recent complaints about this year’s midterm schedule, a 90-minute testing session followed by all seven class periods. The new midterm schedule also allows teachers to give a midterm project instead of a traditional exam. Many people think the midterm schedule will increase stress for both students and teachers with little benefit. However, these arguments ignore the strengths of this new schedule.

Having regular classes after testing may seem like a terrible idea, but many people overlook the support of additional classes. By being at school for the entire day, students can easily get extra help from teachers as they study. Students without access to a productive learning environment or studying tools at home can use the school’s resources to better prepare them for midterms. 

Some students fear that they will have less time to study for midterm exams. In contrast, MT administration explained in a weekly newsletter that students are not to receive new assignments or new content during the testing week. It is obvious that students will not have extra work to complete because of this new schedule. Instead, students can study more effectively with the assistance of their teachers and complete midterm projects. 

MT administration also implemented an additional homework free weekend on Jan. 13-15.  While homework free weekends are not perfect and teacher participation is not guaranteed, this change is an important effort made by MT to make this new schedule better for students.

Administration is also accommodating students by giving them extra study time during the school day. If students do not have a midterm exam, they can study in a quiet study hall in Convo Hall during the exam block. Clearly, MT took students’ needs into consideration when they designed this schedule.

I know this perspective is an unpopular one. A petition to change the new midterm schedule started by a MTHS student gained more than 1,000 signatures. However, students must realize that this controversial schedule has a purpose. It was designed and carefully planned to reduce student stress, not add to it. I hope everyone takes advantage of this new schedule to do well on their midterm exams.

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About the Contributor
Lauren Riley, Staff writer
Lauren is a staff writer for The Township Times and is a freshman at MT.

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  • H

    Hayden HammerJan 16, 2024 at 8:03 pm

    I’m going to be honest, these “strengths” are just horrible. Why can’t some of the people who actually need that help just stay after to study after they complete the midterms. It’s not about the stress it’s the stupidity of the system, most students will be on their devices or watching a movie. TLDR: SEND US HOME.

    • A

      Alex wolkoFeb 9, 2024 at 10:29 am

      My point exactly! We just want to go home! Don’t let this be finals!