Music Teacher Mr. Caravella Retires After 32 Years at MT


Mr. Caravella with his daughter after the Orchestra Youth Concert

Addison Journey, Staff writer

Mr. Caravella, a music teacher at MT for the past 32 years, has recently announced he will be retiring at the end of this school year. Whether you are involved with orchestra, theater, or any part of the music program at MT, Mr. Caravella has definitely been a familiar face for many years. 

Caravella always planned on being a music teacher and was even a student teacher at MT during his time at Millersville University, where he got his music education and music theory degrees. 

Some of his favorite memories during his time teaching and directing has been the time he spends directing the pit orchestra for the spring musicals. His two favorite shows to conduct were “Into The Woods” and “The Secret Garden.”

Another core memory of his time at MT happened just this year during the fall play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” For this play, Caravella was asked to compose a collection of instrumental pieces and a song to enhance and assist the movement of the play.

Although he will no longer be teaching, Mr. Caravella will continue to direct the pit orchestra for MT’s musicals in the spring. 

When asked what his plans are for retirement he explained that he will be spending his time “reading books, listening to records, watching baseball, and making dinner.” 

Even though he is excited to sit back and have more time to do the things he enjoys, more than anything Caravella is going to miss the students he teaches. He explained that he is leaving behind a very talented orchestra and has always been honored to have the opportunity to conduct his students. 

He is very excited for everyone to meet the new orchestra director, although he can not say who that is at this time. He wants every student to know that he is “leaving them in good hands,” and feels good about the future of the orchestra. 

His legacy at MT has been nothing less than inspiring. From a student teacher to 32 years of helping students grow into talented musicians, Mr. Caravella has been a large part of many students’ musical journeys. He will be missed greatly by many and if you see him in the hallways make sure to wish him a happy retirement.