Are “No Homework Weekends” Really No Homework?


Rose Montgomery, Staff writer

Being a high school student can be very taxing on a teenager’s brain. With the constant assignments and tests adding up, students can begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed. To combat this, schools around the district have begun to implement No Homework Weekends once a month to give students time to relax and catch up on missing work. Many students have found this addition helpful as they are able to have a monthly reset and stay on top of their work; however, some students feel that these breaks should occur much more often. 

“No Homework Weekends are nice because they give students a time to take a rest and not worry about school. I think that we should have them every weekend because they allow us to destress and reset for the upcoming week,” said sophomore Kayla Marino.

Although students are fond of these breaks, teachers have a few hesitations about the timing of them. Math teacher Mrs. Seibel said that “[No Homework Weekends] can be difficult to fit into teachers’ packed lesson plans, and are a challenge for scheduling assignments.”  

Even though No Homework Weekends can sometimes be challenging to fit into teachers’ schedules, Mrs. Seibel never gives homework on these weekends because “students need a break from schoolwork and to have time with their families.”

However, there are still some teachers who assign homework on these weekends anyway. “They are non-existent for me. I always have at least one teacher that gives me homework or a project due over the weekend,” said freshman Jaelyn Neirdermyer. 

No homework weekends are seen as a blessing to some and a burden to others. Although the idea of a weekend without any assignments may seem simple, there are many factors that may cause a teacher to assign homework. Considering students’ heavy work loads between AP, IB, and honors courses, there are many commitments and complex projects that students must complete, no matter the day. However, with the end of the year quickly approaching, there is a long summer break waiting for students after their final exams.