MT’s First Ever Unified Track Team


Claire Miller, Staff writer

This year MTHS has established its first ever unified track team. In unified track, students, some of whom have intellectual disabilities (ID), participate in track and field events. The purpose of unified track is for students to train with one another, form relationships, develop teamwork skills, and have fun.

Unified track was established because many students with disabilities were not able to participate in high school track. Recently, more schools have adopted unified sports. Unified sports promote social inclusion by bringing together young people with and without ID on sports teams. 

“I enjoy doing unified track because it brings me closer with other students, especially with ones in our school,” said freshman Rhylee Givens. 

Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools programming is in more than 8,300 schools across the United States, with the goal of being in 10,000 schools by 2024. 

At MTHS, students who participate in unified track come together three times a week for an hour of practice. Many students partake in unified track because it allows them to interact with people in the school while being active. Unified track is a great opportunity for fall and winter sport athletes to stay in shape as well. The team does not require a significant time commitment, unlike many other high school sports teams.

Unified track is an awesome team where all students with various abilities are welcome,” said unified track coach Shanon Sloss. “We are a team where we want everyone to succeed and compete to the best of their ability while creating friendships and bonds off the field as well.”