A Super Bowl Summary

Helena Carroll, Staff writer

Super Bowl LVll has taken place. We all watched it, or heard about it, or have been trying to run away from its results. As many already know, this year’s game was an intense one, leaving Philadelphia Eagles fans devastated and Kansas City fans over the moon. The Super Bowl is a different experience for everyone. Some praise it, some couldn’t give a care in the world, some watch it for the famous commercials, and some watch it for the halftime show, for Rihanna to reclaim the stage that she has left empty for so long.

Taking place in Glendale, Arizona, this year’s Super Bowl ended with a score of 38-35 with the Kansas City Chiefs taking home the trophy. A highlight of this year’s Super Bowl was the halftime show. Rihanna, dressed in red, belting out bangers; but for many the game is the main attraction. 

Quarterbacks Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes were Sunday night’s two main players of focus. Maholmes, this year’s most valuable player, showed that title was well-deserved. Hurts, the runner up for the MVP title, played a hard fought game but the Eagles defense wasn’t able to hold off the Chiefs enough to finish off the game. Both players were injured during the regular season and came into the game not feeling 100%. However, this did not particularly interfere with their overall game performance.

Of course, the controversy, like many sports games, came down to the referees. In the final minutes, the refs called a holding penalty on one of the Eagles players for grabbing the back of the Chiefs jerseys. Although many fans argue that this call was not necessary, the throw made by Maholmes was far out of reach for any player to receive it. This play was argued to be the turning point of the game but truly it was just a delay. The game was tied at this point, but whether or not they called the play, the outcome would’ve likely been the same. 

Of course, if the aspects of the football game in general were not your focus then the famous Super Bowl commercials and the halftime show were perhaps more up your alley. This year’s commercials famously brought back ads from Doritos, M&Ms, and popular streaming platforms to share entertaining skits we all know and love. Commercials during the Super Bowl average to be about $7 million for a total of 30 seconds, bringing in the famous Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart duo, the original cast of Clueless, Jack Harlow, Elton John, Missy Elliot, Will Ferrell and many more. 

Rihanna, taking the stage again for the first time since 2016, brought the thunder, as well as her many backup dancers who have since gone viral for their eccentric outfits and choreography. The 13-minute performance was well received by fans and was a truly memorable show. Rihanna brought many of her beloved hits back to the stage including “Umbrella”, “What’s My Name”, “Diamonds”, “Work”, and many more top hits.