Who Let the Dawgs Out


Jack Commerce, Staff writer

What is the Manheim Township Dawg Pound? Some adults and even teenagers find themselves asking this question.

The Dawg Pound is a student run organization that supports and goes to many of MT’s athletic events. They represent and influence the student section of most sporting events, although it is primarily focused on Blue Streak football. They encourage students to go to all the games and show their school spirit. 

Students, including underclassmen “love the Dawg Pound; it boosts morale and creates an intertwined community that supports the various different sports that MT has to offer,” sophomore Beckett Grisafi said. The Dawg Pound allows underclassmen to feel integrated into the school spirit and experience high school football with high energy. It tightens our high school community as it brings more students to the games and allows them to feel special and integrated into the MT culture. 

Another student, Jack Reynolds, thinks that  “the Dawg Pound gives such a great impact on the student section especially for football games; they really know how to hype us up after a big play.” The Dawg Pound is used to encourage student athletes to do their best, and let them know that their peers support them. The Dawg Pound electrifies our student section and  makes people feel involved and valued as a MT student. 

The Dawg Pound helps represent the MT spirit. They signify the importance of supporting our classmates and peers through going and cheering for them at various sporting events. “As a group we are very passionate about repping our school athletics by getting everyone rowdy at the games,” Gavin Glass, the man in charge of the whole operation, said. “We’re all about helping fellas perform on the field through our cheers.” To learn more about the infamous Dawg Pound, go to their Twitter @_MTDawgPound.